Collection of journals

Library of the Prison Administration is located in The Prison Personnel Training Centre. It is a scientific library founded in 1978. Its special fields are correctional treatment, criminology and criminal policy. In addition to this material, psychological, educational, sociological and jurisprudential literature concerning correctional treatment is added to the collection.

The prime aim of the library is to support the personnel of the Department of Prison Administration of the Ministry of Justice, the Prison Service and the Probation and After-Care Association and secondary all those outside the frame organisation who need information of the fields the library represents.


Opening hours: Mon- Fri, at 8.00 – 15.30.


Librarian Mr. Tuomo Silenti Library Assistant Mrs. Elisabet Goltz.

What does the library provide:

Books to borrow, about 20.000 volumes, mainly scientific literature concerning corrections, criminology and criminal policy from different countries. There is also fiction with crime and prison subjects. The loan period is one month for the books.

The Grotenfelt-collection. It is a special collection which contains about 800 volumes 19th and early 20th centuries criminological literature and periodicals, etc. and documents from international penal congresses.

Examinational theses on correctional treatment from courses for prison officers, prison directors and graduatual theses with different correctional subjects from various faculties.

Reference books. There are reference books of different subjects, as follows: special dictionaries, vocabularies of prisoners` language, bibliographies concerning prisons, concentration camps, crimes, terrorism and sexual miniorities. Domestic and foreign crime and penal statistics and handbooks of psychology, psychiatry and legal science.

Documents. For instance rules and regulations in force issued by the Department of Prison Administration.

Periodicals. The library subscribes for about 200 journals. In addition to periodicals connected with profession, there are social, universal science and cultural publications. The periodical store includes about 3000 annual volumes.

Newspaper clippings related to correctional treatment, criminology and criminal policy since the year 1946.

Videorecordings concerning separate sectors of correctional treatment and misuse of alcohol, guidance to treatment, AIDS, drugs and first aid. The videorecordings are lended only to the personnel of the frame organisation. Other persons may watch the videos in the video- and tv-room.

Course publications from prison officer introductory courses and senior courses.

Publications edited by prisoners from the beginning of 1960`s.

Information service, on the grounds of the library`s own collections, for everybody without restrictions and using domestic database systems and foreign CD-roms

(= The National Criminal Justice Reference Service Document Data Base) only for personnel of the frame organisation.

Inter-library lending. From domestic and foreign libraries only for the frame organisation personnel.

Reading places. There are 25 places.




I Reference books and handbooks
I:1 Encyclopedias
I:2 Dictionaries
I:3 Bibliographies
I:4 Library science, archives
I:5 Other reference books
II Theses on correctional treatment
II:1 Theses from various faculties
III Finnish serial publications
IV Committee reports
IV:1 Various promemorias
V Foreign serial publications and official documents
VI Statistical data
VII Law books
VII:1 Law texts
VII:2 Case compendiums
VII:3 Finnish statues
VII:4 Parliamentary documents
VIII Periodicals
IX Monographs
IX:1 Economics,
EU IX:2 Statistics, methodology
IX:3 Political science, politics
IX:4 Administrative law, administration, management
IX:5 Sociology
IX:6 Social policy
IX:7 Science of law
IX:8 Criminology, criminal policy
IX:9 Prison administration, corrections
IX:10 Medicine, health care
IX:11 Psychology
IX:12 Education, teaching, leisure
IX:13 Finnish language, literary research
IX:14 Communications theory and massmedia
IX:15 History, biographies, memoirs
IX:16 Fiction
IX:17 Miscellaneous
X Videorecordings

The classification and cataloging system

There is a classification system in use in the library which is specially created for it, but in the matter of index terms, the General Finnish Index Terms System is in use, with additions concerning correctional terms. There is in use a net-connected PrettyLib and PrettyCirc computerised library system in the library.

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